Man vs Wild - volcanochaser

Bear Grylls stated that he had landed in a dormant crater with a lava lake just a few feet under his feet and noxious fumes seeping out of the ground. The crater-like structure he landed in is, in fact, a shatter ring formed when an obstructed lava tube forms a bulge and shatters the surface crust into a circular pattern. Eruptive vents can only form at the rift zone, which is about five miles uphill from this location. There has been no lava under this ring since 1992. There are not even traces of steam, which is present over cooling tubes for many years after they stop flowing. In fact, there is an island of forest nearby which was edited from view. This shatter ring is located in the Kahaulea Natural Area Reserve at the 1500 foot elevation, but his next scene out of the shatter ring is miraculously many miles away at the summit of Kilauea at the 4000 foot elevation in the opposite direction of the ocean, which was his stated goal.

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