Man vs Wild - volcanochaser

View of the end of Highway 130 from the ridge next to the shatter ring. The white structure in the center of the photo is a mobile home (see larger image) at the end of the gravel end of Highway 130, which was the final destination of Bear Grylls as he ended his strange odyssey of pretending to be stranded in the wilderness of Kilauea. Bear Grylls and his crew probably got back in their choppers and headed back to the airport, since there is no footage of the area between the shatter ring and Highway 130, or any area within miles of the shatter ring. There are no active flows, avocado trees, lava tubes with water flowing from tree roots, tropical forest, fissures with special bridges, and delicious honeycombs in this area. It is just an easy downhill hike of about one hour for a young man carrying only a flint, a knife and a water bottle (and maybe a life jacket hidden under his shirt).

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