Man vs Wild - volcanochaser

Aerial photo of the gravel end of Highway 130 taken by the US Geological Survey on March 6, 2008 as a new flow of lava reaches the ocean. Very early in the MvW episode, Bear Grylls is looking for the ocean and civilization. He stands next to the road and points to the forest kipukas on the right and declares that that is the area that he must enter to find food, shelter and water. At the end of the episode, at a different camera angle, he points to the house on the right and declares that he has found civilization.

The shatter ring where Bear landed is about three miles uphill and near the horizon in the center of the photo (not visible). It would have been an easy one hour hike to the road, but there is no footage he actually hiked to the road. Instead, most of the episode was taped near other roads and highways.

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